Conference Committee Chair

Maren Wright Voss, Sc.D., Ph.D.

Professional Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Health and Wellness, Utah State University

Position Statement:I have been a member of SSO since becoming a convert to occupational science from the field of psychology. Like Mary Reilly’s famous quote, I recognized the importance of hands (action) in the equation with mind and will to influence our own health. I participated in the SSO:USA Third Decade Initiative Committee and have previously supported the conference committee as a participant in the Silent Auction subgroup.  As a non-OT in the field of occupational science, I find the annual conference to be the premier opportunity for spreading cross-disciplinary collaborations and shining a light on the contributions of occupational science. As the Conference Chair-Elect, I aim to support the committee as they adapt to the needs of conference attendees and plan for both in-person virtual, and hybrid events. I share the chair’s commitment to accessibility and student involvement, while maintaining the conference’s focus on networking opportunities and engaging occupational breaks. I'm looking forward to my role organizing the upcoming SSO-USA 2023 Envisioning the Future of Occupational Science in St. Louis, along with future conferences.

SSO Email: [email protected]

Conference Committee Chair-Elect

Sue Coppola, OTD, OT/L, FAOTA

Professional Affiliation:  Professor of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Position Statement: I became aware of occupational science in 1996 as I transitioned from work as an occupational therapist to become part of a faculty with occupational scientists. Being part of a learning community with colleagues and students has made me ever more curious and excited about occupational science. The advancement of occupational science can fill important gaps in understanding human action and experiences through contribution to profession of occupational therapy and other fields. SSO-USA conferences have served to deepen the discourse and culture of inquiry among scientists, clinicians, and students. The design of past conferences as a venue for meaningful dialogue, shared occupations, and spontaneity has made SSO-USA a “favorite” annual conference for many attendees. I hope to build upon this legacy by coordinating a team to creatively plan and deliver a memorable and inclusive scientific conference in 2024.


Past Board Conference Chairs

2022: Karen McCarthy, Dominican University of California

2021: Cynthia Evetts, Texas Women's University

2020: Mariana D'amico, Nova Southeastern University

2019: Doris Pierce, Eastern Kentucky University

2018: Mariana D'amico, Nova Southeastern University

2017: Jeanine Blanchard, University of Southern California

2016: Jennifer Pitonyak, University of Washington

2015: Beth DeGrace, University of Oklahoma

2014: Linda Buxell, St. Catherine University

2013: Linda Buxell, St. Catherine University

2012: Tina McNulty, University of Utah

2011: Tina McNulty, University of Utah

2010: Betsy Francis, Eastern Michigan University

2009: Kim Hartman, Quinnipiac University

2008: Nancy Furgang, University of New Mexico

2007: Betsy Francis, Eastern Michigan University

2006: Debra Rybski, St. Louis University

2005: Pollie Price, University of Utah

2004: Sheama Krishnigiri

2003: JoAnn Wright, University of Utah

2002: Sheama Krishnagiri, Doris Pierce and Pollie Price (Co-Chairs)